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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Erlkönig Unit

With all of the absences and fieldtrips that have been happening since the start of this unit I am putting all of the information of what you may have missed up on my blog. You are responsible for turning in what is assigned – even if you are not present on a school day.

  1. Students were presented with a short biography of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – what the literary movement of Sturm und Drang was about, a short discussion about Faust, his relationship with Friedrich Schiller, his time in Jena and Weimar (and why this is of particular interest to me – having studied in Jena at the Freidrich Schiller Universität.)
  2. Next working in pairs we figured out who the four “speakers” of the poem were and lightly colored in the lines they spoke to make a graphic organizer of who was speaking when in the poem.
  3. We watched some videos depicting the poem and compared them to our pictures in our head of what we thought was going on
    1. Here is the first video – a cartoon: http://youtu.be/wusVHokSa98
    2. Here is the second video – Schuberts composition with an opera singer: http://youtu.be/5XP5RP6OEJI
    3. Here is the third video – live action with Schuberts compostition: http://youtu.be/oV_-cJcaNv0
    4. Here is the fourth video – a comic interpretation – http://youtu.be/gXWHTYZL180
    5. Here is the fifth video – a Brazilian silent film inspired by the poem – http://vimeo.com/778215
    6. Students made single stick figure depictions of what was happening in each quatrain on the Erlkönig poem.
    7. We watched/listened to a modern interpretation of the poem by the heavy metal group, Rammstein called Dalai Llama. We completed a Venn diagram of the Rammstein song, the Goethe Poem and the Schubert composition
      1. Read the text and listen to the song “Dalai Lama” by Rammstein and compare/contrast the song, the poem by Goethe, and the composition by Schubert in the Venn diagram in your packet.
  1. Students created a poem of their own, on any topic of their choosing in German. There were four types – descriptions are outlined in your packet on how to complete them – cinquain, word picture, and haiku, acrostic. This was completed in class and decorated on “fancy” paper.
  2. The final unit assignment/project was to choose one of the following interpretative assignment options
    1. Perform a reading of the poem, auf Deutsch, set to music of your choice that is appropriate to the mood and theme of the poem.
    2. Create a collage or other piece of visual art (must be at least 11” x 14” in size) including the text of the poem and images/decorations that interpret the poem.
    3. Create a Powerpoint or video, animated or live action, in which you include the words of the poem and images to accompany it. If you want to have music accompaniment you may.
    4. Rewrite the poem (auf denglisch – that is using what you CAN say in German and what you can’t in English! There needs to be a good mix!) telling the same story but in a different means. See the example
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