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German levels 3 and 4 help

German teachers out there in the twitterverse and internets I need your help! My school will be offering a level 4 German for the first time in many years and a level 3-also the first in a long time My colleague and I have the book series Komm mit. Which above level 1 book(which we use for German 1 and 2) we do not like. We would like to know what are themes and units that you do in levels 3/4. What literature do you cover? This would be my first time ever teaching 3 or 4 and if it is her teaching the first time in many years. We were looking into using the e-textbook for portfolio deutsch from langenscheidt. Maybe you could share a syllabus or unit time line or pacing guide of what you do! I personally don’t want to focus on these way out dated textbooks-I used this copyrighted version when I was in highschool and u graduated in 1998- PLEASE HELP U IN ANY WAY. You can reach me through email mweiss@palmerton.org or on twitter @PalmertonGerman or through the comments on this page. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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