What is going on in Herr Weiss' class?

This semesters speaking final exam will be comprehensive with all topics from chapters 7-11 of Komm mit.
• Sign-up sheet for a flex period are located on my office door (in between Mr. Kellermans’ and Mrs. Kneppers’ rooms)
o Choose your date and time! Be aware which day you are signing up for so you do not sign up during your lunch!
o You are responsible for signing up – if you do not sign up you will accept that your grade will be a 0 for this portion
o If you are absent on your assigned day, you are responsible for scheduling a makeup date with me
• There are 50 questions on the test
o Each question is worth one point. 0 Points – no response, English is used, response off topic,
.5 Points – single words or short phrases, incomplete response,
1 Point – adequate response, used target vocabulary and grammatical structures
• This will be given with just you and I in the room to limit distractions and outside noise

Topics to study include:
• Talking about yourself
• Talking about a classroom and teachers
• Chores and things you do around the house
• Weather
• Directions and places in a town
• Expressing opinions about movies and books – and film/book genres
• Birthday parties, invitations and gifts

Remember: Say what you can say not what you want!
If you cannot directly answer a question – can you talk around the answer – this is called circumlocution.


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