What is going on in Herr Weiss' class?

Not Included
0 pts
City Build and Street Names
Included – 5 Points

The map includes a realistic German city structure and realistic German street names.
Not Included

City structure or street names are not German.
Included- 5 points

The map includes 5 landmarks located at various points around the city.
Not Included

The map includes fewer than 8 landmarks.
Description Included-15 Points

One paragraph for each(5 total) of the landmarks that you included that describes their history, where they are, and information about them Not Included

No description Included
Buildings Included- 5 points

The map includes German places in a town with minimal white space on the street blocks. Not Included
Few German places located on the map
Included-5 Points

Directions are given completely in German.
Not Included

Directions are given partially in English.
Included-5 Points

Directions are given with verbs in the command form.
Not Included

Directions lack verbs or verbs are not in the command form.
Direction words
Included-5 Points

Correct directional words are used (i.e. nach rechts, nach links, geradeaus)
Not Included

Directional words are not used or are used incorrectly.
Total Points:___________________

For this project, you will create a map of a German city. The city must include 5 landmarks, and street names must be realistic German street names. (For instance, Travisstraße is okay, but Easy Street is not. Last name streets are acceptable, but limit yourself to your group or German historical figures.) Streets must be navigable by Matchbox cars. For the verbal component of this project, you will give directions around your city to a tourist. The tourist will drive a car or be walking on your city map, and following your directions. Your directions must be entirely in German and include the direction words learned in this chapter as well as verbs in the command form. For your 5 German landmarks you will need to write a paragraph for each with information about the landmark. 45 points possible for this project.


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