What is going on in Herr Weiss' class?

Today in class we discussed how to give directions and use directions given to find our way around a city.

Straight ahead – geradeaus
Right – nach rechts
Left – nach links
Using “Gehen Sie” to formally give a command when givinf directions

We started using the dative prepositions zu and von – After those prepositions you need to change the definite article!
zu means to or toward

When talking about a masculine or neuter noun der and das changes to dem in the dative case!
das Rathaus – zu dem Rathaus der Park – zu dem Park

When talking about a feminine noun die changes to der in the dative case!
die Post – zu der Post die Bank – zu der Bank

Now that we have that part down, zum and zur are CONTRACTIONS of the words zu dem and zu der!
zu dem Rathaus – zum Rathaus
zu dem Park – zum Park
zu der Post – zur Post
zu der Bank – zur Bank

Here is some vocabulary!

Here is more vocab we did!

How do you say to in German – nach or zu – Which one is the correct one?
Here is a good easy explanation of the usage of zum and zur!

Quia Games to practice zum and zur

Quia Games to practice zum and zur #2





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