What is going on in Herr Weiss' class?

German Extra Credit Scavenger Hunt

For this marking period your extra credit assignment is to go on a scavenger hunt and find things related to German and Germany in the real world! You are required to think outside the box to complete these items! You will need to be able to take pictures for this project and here are some ways that you can get them to me – you can tweet them to me @PalmertonGerman, email them to me mweiss@palmerton.org, post them to my Tumblr-deutschirl.tumblr.com, post them to my blog mweiss199.wordpress.com, post them to my website – mrweiss.wikispaces.com or print them out and bring them to me!

1. A German word or phrase, product, prop, store seen on TV, with date, time, channel and name of program. What does it mean and what is the phrase – Try to take a picture!
2. A German word or phrase heard in a song in English: tape it or bring in on CD or find a youtube video. – tell me who the artist is, what album it is from, what song it was in.
3. A printout of an internet page on a German cultural topic with a summary in English of what it is about(ONLY ONE PAGE)
4. A German coin (Mark or Euro), a bill (Mark or Euro), or a German postage stamp
5. A postcard from a German speaking country.
6. A picture of a gravestone written in German! Tell me what it says! How old would the person be today? Can you find anything out about them? Tell me where you found the gravestone.
7. The name of a local business that does business with a German speaking country or a German company that is here in the Lehigh Valley
8. The name and telephone number of someone you know who speaks German – we will call them in class 🙂
9. A German food served at a local restaurant. Name of food and where it is. –Take a photo of the menu and food!
10. A painting by a German artist, who was the artist, where is it –what museum – and what genre of art is it, draw a copy of one from an art book.
11. A piece of clothing with a label written in German
12. Instructions for something (in a box or something that you bought) that is in German. Not a list of ingredients.
13. A crossword puzzle-from a English newspaper or magazine- that asks for something in German
14. A newspaper article about an event in Germany with a short summary about the article.
15. A recipe for some authentic German food. You can even make it for us!
16. An item that says made in Germany
17. A famous German who invented something and what they invented and how it is used!


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