What is going on in Herr Weiss' class?

Today in class: March 5

Today we went over our quiz from Friday and reviewed how to successfully fill in a conversation with blanks and a Word bank. Use the strategies we went over today in class to be successful.
1. What do the words in the word box mean.
2. Read through the sentence you need to fill in.
3. If you need to fill in conjugated verbs- determine which blanks would need to have a verb – is it in the second position, is there already a verb in the sentence.
4. Conjugate the verb according to the subject of that sentence.
5. Once you have the verbs fille in use the words you know from the word box to fill in where they logically fit.

This should help you be successful in completing these types of activities.

We also started a partner play that will need to be preformed or videotaped and given to me for Wednesday.
Attached is a photo of what you have to do.

There will be a chapter 8 test on Wednesday!!!!



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  1. […] Today we reviewed for our test tomorrow! use the links to resources goin on my website for chapter 8 or exercises in your German book at the end of chapter 8. We also spent half of the class working on our project due tomorrow. check out yesterday’s post for what you need to do […]

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