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Need help in class?

Are you looking for help in German class? Especially with our first quiz tomorrow, you may be looking for extra help on how to do things in German.  Here are some ways:

  1. Completing all the homework assigned
  2. Asking Herr Weiss questions in class/flex time
  3. Asking a friend who also has or has had German before
  4. tweeting me your questions
  5. Emailing me to my school district address, which can be found on our class website

If you need more practice on specific things in each chapter have you checked out your chapters practice page? There you will find games, flash cards, and online exercises.

For German 1 Practice Resources Click Here

For German 2 Practice Resources Click Here

For German 3 Practice Resources Click Here

For German 4 Practice Resources Click Here

If you need help with specific GRAMMATICAL things then check out my Grammar page


Don’t forget there are also smartphone apps that you can use to help you too!


Today in class: January 31

Today we worked in definite an indefinite articles in nominative and accusative case homework tonight is a handout using these grammatical structures.

There IS a quiz tomorrow make sure you know how to say the chores we learned. If you need flash cards and vocab games go to my website


All about München for Kapitel 7,8,9

Today we started learning about München

One of the most distinguishing features of Bayern (Bavaria auf Englisch) is the Tracht or “traditional costume” – They are something Americans find silly and that is Lederhosen! Here are some pictures of you guys wearing the class pair of Lederhosen!

Things to research on your own:

They aren’t something Bavarians wear to the mall but to Fests, especially the most famous Oktoberfest!

Find out more info on Oktoberfest and the celebration of King Ludwigs marriage to Theresa!

Ludwigs’ 5 castles, yes he had/lived in that many! – Neuschwanstein, Nymphenburg, Hohenschwangau, Linderhof, Herrencheimsee

The Frauenkirche

Weisswurste! – yum LECKER!!!


Schwarzwald – the black forest!

Have fun!

Today in class: Monday January 30

Today we worked on things we must do around the house using the verb müssen, practice this verb here, click here to find out how to conjugate müssen. We worked with what chores we have to do use the practice links for Kapitel 7 on my website and the flash cards to help you

Hausaufgaben: workbook pages 73,74 all exercises.


Today in class: Friday January 27

Today the first half of class we reviewed with wipe boards chapters 3-6. We reviewed the rese/nese and xexe/nexe chart. A handout on this will be given out on Monday. Then we worked on completing our me books. They are due on Monday.

Today in class: Thursday January 27

Today we completed peer editing and 6 of the 8 sections of our me book. In the attached pictures there are the book requirements and common errors made in your writing. Books are due completed Monday.




Today in class: January 25

Block 1 – we discussed how to peer edit – what are good techniques and what to look for. We also took a partner test on the beginning 6 chapters from German 1. We will continue this test on Thursday. 6 section of your me book are due tomorrow.

Block 2 – we worked on completing our me book sentences. Tomorrow 6 sections are due. Thursday we will have the peer editing presentation and begin editing classmates work. We will also be doing the “partner test”

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