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Week of November 7-11, 2011

This week we have:

  • Taken the Quiz on 3-2
  • begun chapter 3-3
  • had an oral activity – what did we do in the past week
  • wrote a¬†comparative¬†essay on this school vs. last school year

Here is an outlook at the next two weeks (Before the Thanksgiving holiday)

  • Finishing the book/packet for chapter 3-3
  • taking the quiz
  • reviewing Stufe 1-3 of Kapitel 3
  • taking the test on Kapitel 3
  • Music and Kulture through two songs by “die Prinzen”
  • how English shapes the current German language and what Denglisch is
  • a contest
  • End of the second marking period
  • Extra Credit for the second marking period is due
  • short unit on Erntedankfest and a comparison of cultures

Thursday November 3 2011

Worked with prepositions in and an in the dative case. Present perfect tense and making past participles. And imperfect case with haben (ich hatte…) and sein (ich war….)



Marking period 2 EXTRA CREDIT

Every week students have the chance to use the verb of the week, das Verb des Woche, in a sentence. Also the opportunity to make a music video of one of the songs we have done in class.


Ps. German 2 students u have 2 dogs Rigby and Munch!


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