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Monday – Thursday, October 24-27, 2010

We are working with using the conversational past tense in German. By using the helping verbs haben and sein, strong/weak verbs etc…  We have completed the grammar helper and some pages of our workbook.  If you need extra practice please so the practice exercises on my website! We will have a quiz during the first half of the block on Tuesday.

Friday we will be preparing a presentation for Monday on Oktoberfest.  The rest of class on Friday is an assembly and on Monday we will be having a joint celebration with the Spanish 3 class! so bring in something good!

Next Tuesday will be our next Kultur durch Musik day!


Thursday/Friday – October 20/21, 2011

On Thursday and Friday we finished our accusative and dative work (click here for information on these cases in German)


We also did our Kultur durch Musik part, this time we listened to Frida Gold, whose website you can check out here , we watched and completed a packet and watched the video.

Our second song, was in honor of halloween and had a more scary theme. This song was by die Ärtzte and it was called “Schlaflied”

Week of October 14-20, 2011

Attached are the photos of what we have been doing in class for the past week.

Thursday October 13, 2011

20111013-084929.jpg today we finished the packets and reviewed for the quiz. We worked with gern, nicht gern, lieber and am liebsten. Tomorrow is review and the test for chapter 2

Wednesday October 12, 2011

Today we did some reviewing of the dative and accusative  cases in German.  These are central themes to the unit 2-3 where we are talking about giving things, using accusative case, to people, using dative case.  There will be a review on Thursday and we will finish the chapter prior to taking our quiz.  The test will be on Friday after a review.  Just like in chapter 1 there will be a “speaking” section of the test.  This part of the test will be administered on Monday during flex. So you will not be receiving your total grade on the test until you check powershool on Monday night or get the test back in class on Tuesday.

For more German grammar review click here!

Tuesday October 11 2011

Wow long time without an update. There will be a quiz on Thursday for chapter 2-3 and a Chapter 2 test on Friday. We will be working with dative case pronouns and possessive pronouns.


Tuesday oct. 4



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