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German Tongue Twister Contest

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Wednesday Sept. 28 2011

Today we reviewed for the 2-1 quiz that will be on Thursday and was not today. We also did a communicative activity that involved household chores. Homework for Thursday: page 13 in the packet; online translator project due Friday.


Tuesday Sept. 27 2011

Today we practiced possessive pronouns/adjectives. We reviewed for our quiz, that will be on Wednesday. Our accusative case pronoun picture project is due on Wednesday. We also have a why not to use an online translator project due on Friday. We also completed pages 9-11 in our packets.


Monday Sept. 26 2011

We worke with how we use prepositions in our speaking and writing in English and German. We also worked on our project, making pictures with sentences to represent the accusative case prepositions. We also worked on possessive pronouns and completed pages 8-10 in our packets

Friday Sept. 23 2011

Today we worked on prepositions and how they can be “accusative” or “dative” or even trickier – two way (wechselpräpositionen) we learned some chants/songs for them. Photos will be posted of the posters at a later time.

Thursday Sept. 22 2011

Today we worked on nominative and accusative case pronouns, the use of the verb tauschen. Tomorrow we are going to bring prepositions into the mix and what case they can be.



Tuesday Sept. 20 2011

Started chapter 2, watched the video that goes with the first section of the text book, homework is page 2 in the packet that was handed out today

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