What is going on in Herr Weiss' class?

Don’t forget students Tuesday April 26 2011 the extra credit is due:

Here are the items:

German Extra Credit Scavenger Hunt

  1. A German word of phrase seen on TV, with date, time, channel and name of program.  What does it mean and what is the phrase.
  2. A German word or phrase heard in a song in English: taped or bring in CD.
  3. A printout of an internet page on a German topic or in German (ONLY ONE PAGE)
  4. A German coin or a Euro, or a German postage stamp
  5. A postcard from a German speaking place.
  6. The name  of a local business that does business with a German speaking country or a German company that is here in theLehighValley
  7. The name and telephone number of someone you know who speaks German
  8. A German food served at a local restaurant.  Name of food and where it is.
  9. A painting by a German artist, who it is, where it is and what it is.  Or draw a copy of one from an art book.
  10. A piece of clothing with a label written in German
  11. Instructions for something (in a box or something that you bought) that is in German. Not a list of ingredients.
  12. A crossword puzzle that asks for something in German
  13. A newspaper article about an event inGermany
  14. A recipe for some authentic German food.
  15. An item that says made in Germany
  16. 16. A famous German who invented something and what they invented

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