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Friday – April 29

Today we checked the homework and worked with how to conjugate sehen

The oral activity focused on using mögen, gern, lieber, and am liebsten

Classwork was workbook packet page 3 and 4 – using mögen

Homework was page 5 in the workbook packet (only the bottom part) – using finden and an adjective


Thursday April 28

Today we reviewed chapter 10-1 types of movies, using was für (what kind), the verbs mögen-kennen-wissen

Then we took a quiz on these concepts

Chapter 10-2
We started using lieber, to say someyhing we prefer, adjectives ro describe types of movies

Homework was page 2 of the packet

Extra Credit Due Tuesday 4-26

Don’t forget students Tuesday April 26 2011 the extra credit is due:

Here are the items:

German Extra Credit Scavenger Hunt

  1. A German word of phrase seen on TV, with date, time, channel and name of program.  What does it mean and what is the phrase.
  2. A German word or phrase heard in a song in English: taped or bring in CD.
  3. A printout of an internet page on a German topic or in German (ONLY ONE PAGE)
  4. A German coin or a Euro, or a German postage stamp
  5. A postcard from a German speaking place.
  6. The name  of a local business that does business with a German speaking country or a German company that is here in theLehighValley
  7. The name and telephone number of someone you know who speaks German
  8. A German food served at a local restaurant.  Name of food and where it is.
  9. A painting by a German artist, who it is, where it is and what it is.  Or draw a copy of one from an art book.
  10. A piece of clothing with a label written in German
  11. Instructions for something (in a box or something that you bought) that is in German. Not a list of ingredients.
  12. A crossword puzzle that asks for something in German
  13. A newspaper article about an event inGermany
  14. A recipe for some authentic German food.
  15. An item that says made in Germany
  16. 16. A famous German who invented something and what they invented

Thursday April 21

Finished chapter 9 test. When we return on Tuesday we will begin Chapter 10 and we will try to be finished by Friday May 6th!

Tuesday – April 19

Today we presented our skits about going to a cafe.  There will be a test on Chapter 9 on Thursday. Click here to go to Chapter 9 Practice on the wikispace.  This will help you prepare for the test while you are at home!

Monday April 18

Today the objective was to use ich glaube dass/ich finde dass/ich denke dass (to express our opinions about something ; I think that)  This was to be incorporated into the restaurant skit the students will be preforming Tuesday.  Quiz on chapter 9-2 was during flex.  Home work was page 11 in the packet.

Grammar charts

Here is the grammar chart from the blackboard in class


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